Yael Maimon

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Can you tell us about yourself?
Yael: “My name is Yael Maimon and I am from Ashkelon in Israel. In 2003 I earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in psychology from Bar-Ilan University, then decided not pursue psychology as a career but instead to commit myself to art.”

What inspires you to paint?
Yael: “Cats are my greatest inspiration. Just watching them doing the ordinary things they do – eating, grooming, sleeping or playing triggers me to grab a brush and paint. Some of my paintings celebrate the beauty of cats, while others have a deeper meaning than appears at first sight, like conveying a message or telling a story of a specific cat. Cats are my favourite painting subject. My special bond with cats was developed during years of volunteering at an animal rescue centre. These days, I take care of my pet cats, abandoned kittens, feral and street cats.”

Did you go to art college or are you self-taught?
Yael: “I took realistic drawing class in Israel and attended several workshops in Europe. Beyond that I studied art through books, museums, galleries and in my own studio.”

Do you have a career in art or is it a hobby?
Yael: “For many years it was just a hobby until I finally took my art seriously.”

If you had a choice of just four colours, what would they be?
Yael: “Ultramarine Blue, Burnt Sienna, Titanium White and Red-Violet.”

Have you exhibited your work?
Yael: “Yes, I have participated in solo and group exhibitions in Israel and abroad, as well as in online shows. Right now, I am represented by Abend Gallery (Denver, CO)”.

Have you had your work published anywhere?
Yael: “Yes, I have been featured in different art magazines, including Pastel Journal, The Artist, Artists & Illustrators, Southwest Art, The Art of Watercolour, Watercolour Artist, International Artist Magazine, and so on. Also you can find my works in many books including The Best of Watercolour: Splash book series and Strokes of Genius book series.

Have you won any award?
Yael: “Yes, Recent Awards of 2019:
2nd Place, SPS (Southeastern Pastel Society) 2019 Online Members Showcase
Best In Show, Camelback Gallery, Watercolour II International Juried Competition
2nd Place, August 2019 DPW Contest
WINNER of the Master Class Category, Art Muse July 2019 Contest
Honorable Mention, PSC’s (Pastel Society of Colorado) Chroma Online Show
International Artist Award, PSSC’s (Pastel Society of Southern California) Make Your Mark! International Online Juried Exhibition
Merit Award, NOAPS Spring 2019 Online International Exhibit
Best Non-Representational Painting Award, GAWA International Watercolour 2019 Online Contest

What is your specialism?
Yael: “Cats is my dominant subject. Although grounded in realism, my artwork is often impressionist in nature, traditional yet contemporary.”

What medium do you work with?
Yael: “I work with a variety of media, including oil, pastel, acrylic and watercolour. Each medium has unique characteristics and working energy. I jump from one medium to another, but I mostly paint with oils and pastels.”

Which artists inspire you?
Yael: “I must mention Vermeer, Jean Francois Millet, John William Waterhouse, Sorolla, Sargent.  Also, the impressionists had a great influence on me in terms of colour concept, I especially love Monet.”

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