Winsor & Newton Inks

If you are a illustrator, designer, calligrapher or artist and like bright and bold colours, then these Winsor & Newton Drawing Inks are something that you must try out.

One of the attractive features of these Drawing Inks is their sparkling colour and good transparency. They dry fast so you can work with multiple layers when creating your artwork.

Winsor & Newton Drawing Ink come in a range of 27 water-resistant inks (excluding gold, silver, Liquid Indian Ink) that are widely used for creating colourful and vibrant artwork.

There are several collections available. With the Henry collection you get the following colours: Canary Yellow, Orange, Carmine, Violet, Blue, Emerald, Nut Brown, Black. Actual contents may vary.

In the William collection you will find Sunshine Yellow, Vermillion, Deep Red, Purple, Ultramarine, Brilliant Green, Peat Brown, Black.

Winsor and Newton also make gold and silver inks to embellish your artwork with a touch of sparkle.

Click on the images and order your inks now and start creating something beautiful. Let us know what you make, we would like to see your artwork!