Viviva Colour sheets

The creator of Viviva, Aditya from India and his team are grateful for all the support you’ve showed them them since they started their art company in 2017. The Viviva family has now grown to 30,000+ in more than 40 countries of the world! They have a simple mission – To put the joy of creation back into art. They make high quality products which make art easy and fun for everyone. Whether you are a beginner, a hobbyist or a professional artist, you will enjoy making art with Viviva products!

Every product that Viviva makes is eco friendly and made by women from  the local community.

Aditya has joined forces with Jake Parker from Inktober! They collaborate together forming Inktober, an annual recuring global art challenge that anybody at any level can join in to practise inking skills and meet new art friends. Inktober is simply a brilliant way to build a positive art habit.

We have selected some art products from the Viviva collection. Take a look below and see what you would like to use. 

A6 Cotton and Original Sketcher Bundle

The A6 Cotton and Original Sketcher bundle includes:
1 x Original Single Set
1 x A6 Cotton Sketchbook (40 Pages)
1 x Waterbrush
1 x 0.5mm Fineliner Marker (Free)

The A6 Cotton and Original Sketcher bundle is a perfect wholesome bundle pack for you to sketch and paint. If you’re more into watercolors then this bundle is undoubtedly the right choice for you. Viviva Colorsheets and Sketchbooks are Superior quality Handcrafted products that will absolutely blow your mind! This set costs $40,-.


Viviva Gift Set

The Viviva Gift Set includes:
1 x Personalized Wooden Case
1 x Viviva Colorsheets
1 x Waterbrush

Personalize this Premium African Maple wooden case with the Name and a Personal Message. Gift it to someone you love, or to yourself! Viviva Gift Set is a perfect wholesome gift for an artist, hobbyist, or anyone who enjoys art and watercoloring. This set costs $45,-.

Viviva $25 Gift Card

Viviva $25 Gift Card is valid for 1 Year from the date of purchase.

How to Redeem your Gift Card?

  • You receive a Gift Card Confirmation email once you buy the gift card
  • For gifting it to your loved ones – Simply forward the Gift Card Confirmation email to them (and maybe add a small personal message of your own!)
  • This email will contain a link to your Gift Card Number
  • Open the link and get your Gift Card Number
  • Use the Gift Card Number as a Discount Code on the checkout page to redeem the gift card