Useful Yellow

What yellow means: Happiness hope and transparency. The sun is yellow, warm and comfortable. Yellow is a happy colour and it also grabs your attention and can be used in the same way as red and orange, like traffic lights.

There are two basic sorts of yellow, the warm and the cool. When used for mixing they give very different effects. Depending on the quality of the paint and how and what it is made with, some yellows can be fugitive, which means they fade quite quickly. They can also be transparent or opaque.

In Medieval times, the main purpose of yellow was to imitate gold objects. The colour yellow was produced from among other things, animal and fish bile, gall stones and some vegetable extracts. Many of these colours tended to fade with time.  Indian yellow was produced from concentrated cow’s urine which was mixed with mud and refined.  This pigment was renowned for its transparency. These days the modern-day yellows are used by many artists who appreciate its light fastness and brilliance.

The complimentary colour of yellow is purple. When mixed with yellow, be it cool or warm, it causes a wonderful rich taup colour. Using variations of this colour in one painting whether it be a portrait or landscape, can cause surprisingly nice results, try it.

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