Top 10 art books on acrylic paint

We have selected 10 art books by different artists who show both beginners and advanced artists how to use acrylic paint. From painting animals, landscapes,  seascapes and learning how to express your artistic voice. Have a browse through this list and see which book would suite you best. To order any of the books, simply click on the images.

Techniques and Tutorials for the Complete Beginner

Adrian Burrows explains in his own particular way the basics of painting with acrylic paint. He gives and guides you through the beginning steps of acrylic painting.  He shows you which tools you will need and builds your confidence to paint. In his book you will find 10 step by step tutorials that cover different subjects and techniques. The instructions are simple and clear and there are images to follow. There are also special chapters on painting trees, skies and figures.


The Complete Beginners Guide To Learning The Basics Of Acrylic Painting

Acrylic painting can be fun when you know how to do it. This book is full of easy exercises and it will help you get started on your artistic journey. Many people like acylic paint for it’s versatility. The paint dries quickly and mistakes can be painted over. You will learn which supplies you need to get started, organising your painting space, how to mix colours and techniques on how to use brushes.


Sea & Sky in Acrylics

In this book, Dave White shows you easy, effective and simple ways to paint skies and dramatic seascapes in acrylic paint. He reveals the secrets of spattering, blending, backgrounds and finger painting. You are shown how the anatomy of waves is constructed and how they move. How to paint reflections in the sea and how to paint beaches. He shows you how to make many different sorts of clouds by using special and unusual techniques. At the end of the book there is a step by step tutorial on how to paint a beach with rolling waves, a setting sun and waves hitting rocks.


Acrylic Colour Explorations: Painting Techniques for Expressing Your Artistic Voice

Chris Cozen let’s you discover your true colour voice in the book Acrylic Colour Explorations. This book will make and encourage you to see the world around you differently. Colour theory is made easy to understand with the help of thirty exercises using acrylic paint.

In this book several artists are put in the spotlight and show you how they manipulate colours. Learn how and when to use cool or warm colours to produce a certain effect.
The book includes thirty three techniques for improving the colour in your paintings. Embrace your true color voice today!

Brush with Acrylics – Painting the Easy Way

Acylic paints can be adapted and used thinned down like water colour or used thickly like oil paint. These two extremes can be used together using a range of brushes which Terry, the author, explores. He shows you how to capture atmosphere, texture and detail. He provides you with examples of different landscapes. Terry shows you step by step, how to build up your skills and helps you create original paintings like a true artist.

Landscape Painting Essentials with Johannes Vloothuis

Popular art instructor Johannes Vloothuis paints stunning landscapes. He makes the painting process simple and uses easy techniques. He makes the painting of landscapes full of fun whilst teaching a few basic rules. Johannes shows you how to simplify the forground and how to harmonise colours. Painting mountains, water, foliage and snow is made easy. He walks you through nine demonstrations to help you create a successful landscape.
The book ‘Landscape painting essentials is full of useful information which will improve your paintings.

Johannes Vloothuis has also been a Featured Artist on the Dutch Art Box. See his artwork and read his story here.

En Plein Air Acrylic

Mark McHuffey has written ‘En plein air, acrylic’ an art book of resources for artists who want to paint in the open air using acrylic paints. He introduces beginners to the concepts of painting outside. This book will show you how to maximise your time outside, what to take with you and how to get started.
He guides you through the challenges and barriers that you come across whilst painting en plein air.

The Joy of Acrylic Painting

Artist Annie O’Brien Gonzales has been painting from an early age. In her art book ‘The joy of acrylic painting’ she shows you how to discover the joy of acrylic painting. The book offers a clear approach for beginning artists and especially artists who due to life detours or lack of time have delayed their artistic endeavours.
She focusses on practical advice, use of colour, patterns and textures and how to pursue your creative fulfillment. The book includes eight step by step painting projects on landscpaes, still life, figures and abstracts.

Modern Acrylic –
A contemporary exploration of acrylic painting

The art book ‘Modern Acrylic’ by artist Blakely Little, demonstrates simple painting techniques and shows you how to create expressive artwork. This book concentrates on showing you how to create flowers, animals, patterns and also hand-lettering. Be inspired by the whimsical exercises and projects. The guide shows you what kind of tools you will need and explores the concepts of mixing colours and how to create atmosphere. Create dynamic colour palettes and experiment with creating interesting textures.


Painting Dog Portraits in Acrylics

The artist Dave White has a passion for painting animals and shows you how to capture the spirit and character of dogs in acrylic paint. The book ‘Painting dog portraits in acrylics’ offers both basic and more advanced painting techniques on how to capture the character of dogs in their portraits. He starts off with a detailed guide on composition and colour. Learn how to start creating your own works of art starting from the outline drawing, underpainting and how to capture the three-dimensional qualities of your dog portraits. The artist also offers some practical advice on how to set up your pet portrait business.

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