Tony White

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Can you tell us about yourself?
Tony: “I am an artist born in Newcastle, Australia and now I live in Hobart, Tasmania.

When did you start painting?
Tony: “When I was a kid, but I didn’t really paint in my 20’s but I picked it up seriously again about 10 years ago.”

What materials do you use?
Tony: “Paint, paper and brushes. Watercolour is fairly simple in its material but you can use almost anything to create effects. Water, salt, spit (YUK), fingernails, scraping, palette knives. All sorts.”

What subjects do you paint?
Tony: “Landscape mostly, but that encompasses a wide variety. Streetscapes, countryside, seascapes, boats, beaches, architecture. Almost anything.
I believe no one is self-taught. Even if one has no formal training, we ALL learn from observing others, books, DVDs and online tutorials. While I have No formal education in painting, I am always using my influences as inspiration and for endless guidance.”

Hobby or career?
Tony: “It is my career. Full-time artist since September 5 2018.”

Fun Fact?
Tony: ” I also make a living playing music.”

What style do you paint in?
Tony: “Atmospheric Landscape with strong light.”

Which artists inspire you?
Tony: “John Singer Sargent”

I LOVE it. I try to pass that love and passion onto my students and help them get results quickly. My Youtube channel is growing and I am finding it very rewarding.

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