Light and shadows

Never under estimate the power of shadows! We always tell our students that the darker the shadows in your picture the sunnier it will look.

Shapes of shadow on a flat surface
Imagine a vase on a flat table. Depending on how and what you light it with, the shape of the shadow will be straight if placed on a flat surface like a table cloth. The shadow is always diagonal to the light source.

Shapes of shadow on a uneven surface
Crumple up the table cloth where the shadow of the vase falls and you will see the difference in the shape of the shadow. It will now be irregular and break the straight lines you had before on the smooth surface.

Length of shadow
The length of your shadows will depending on how you light your objects. If the light source comes from above, there will be no or very little shadows. If you change the setting and light it from the side, the shadow will be opposite the light source and will be longer.

Colour of shadows
It depends upon what you light your object with.
If your objects is standing on a light purple table cloth, the shadows will not be black, but darker purple.

Intensity of shadow
The intensity of the shadows, change with the lighting. If you have a dimly lit object the shadows will not be very prominent. But if you put a bright spotlight on the object the shadows will be very dramatic.

So you see how shadows give form, shape and weight to different objects. Shadows make all the difference in your art work!

Best creative wishes Jean and Jocelyn.