The best investment I have ever made was to take classes with Jean at her studio.
You made me comfortable, confident and learning was so enjoyable.

I looked forward every week going to class, I liked getting there early and setting up in my little corner. It was a zen place where learning was fun and the students were so diverse from different parts of the world. You always had time for each one of us.

Today, after all these years, I am back in Canada and the love for drawing and painting still resonates with me, I owe to you.
I have set up a small studio in our new home and I will start very soon drawing and painting again.
Thank you for giving me the gift of drawing and painting.

Sue from Canada

The most valuable lesson I got from this art course is to take my time.
Everything requires time; to look carefully at shapes and colours, to draw and re-draw my objects, and to build up many layers of paints. I have come to accept that spending time is not a waste but an investment. This way, I can forget the passage of time and simply enjoy the process of art making.
The same principle can be applied to other areas of my life too. When I am in a hurry and try to save time, I lose peace easily. When I slow down and pay attention to the moment, I gain more in the end. In this regard, I consider this class highly therapeutic. I also enjoy the international atmosphere of the class. People from all walks of life and nationalities join together. I can get inspired and encouraged by other participants’ works. How often does that happen in my otherwise hectic routines?

Kayo from Japan

I am happy that I was fortunate enough to be taught by her. It was a lot more than Art that she thought. Through Art I was able recreate a balance in my life. For me doing Art with her gave me a great peace of mind.

Maria from Trinidad

When I first started to sketch at StudioJocelyn, I hadn’t done any artwork in 10 years. I am a software developer by profession and have had no formal education in arts. I was nervous and unsure but so excited to have found a warm, nurturing, fun and energetic environment to bring back my creativity. The teachers are so patient. They help you cultivate your own style and guide you through the process. There are no mistakes. Just happy accidents. All the other students I have met at the studio, are so open, honest and encouraging to each other. It feels like meeting good friends for tea and doing what you love to do. I have such a long and ever-growing list of artwork I want to create here. I definitely will be sticking to this studio for as long as I can.


Neha from India