Susan Kounanis

by | May 28, 2021 | Blog, Featured Artist

Can you tell us a little about yourself?
Susan: ” I am an oil paint artist from San Luis Obispo, California in the USA.”

When did you first start painting?
Susan: “When our kids were little I used to do tole painting. I loved it, but one of my paintings in particular (a bunny and some strawberries) I liked so much more than the rest. I finally came to realize that this painting was far more painterly and realistic than the others. This was exciting for me and motivated me to continue learning and improve my painting skills in more of a fine art direction.

What materials do you use?
Susan: “I mostly paint on oil primed linen adhered to panels by Raymar. Sometimes I paint on gessobord if I feel like changing it up :). I paint exclusively with artist-grade oil paints. I use various types of brushes depending on the effects I want. I also love using the palette knife for thick, heavy texture!”

What subjects do you like to paint?
Susan: “My favorite subjects to paint are flowers. They’re a challenge for sure but I just love that no two flowers are the same. I also feel that they bring so much beauty and emotion to a painting. And I love to combine them with things such as glass, metal, old jugs and china.  Sometimes I’ll put some fruit like berries, grapes and apricots in too.”

Educated or Self-taught?
Susan: “No I never went to art school. I taught myself over many years. But I feel that when I started taking online courses and workshops my understanding of painting really improved and I was better able to develop my skills.”

Hobby or career?
Susan: “When I was younger it was a hobby. In fact I’m not even sure I showed anyone my paintings other than my family. I don’t know why, maybe I was too shy. But now I have a website and sell my work as my full time career.”

Fun Fact?
Susan: “I have one brown eye and one green eye!”

Have you exhibited your art work?
Susan: “Yes, I’ve had my work exhibited in a local art gallery. Also I was Artist of the Month at a local business where about 30 pieces were displayed. I am especially excited to announce that I am working with my local County Arts Council for a special event. My studio will be one of a select few featured by the county and open to the public for tours and a display of my work. Updates will be coming soon so stay tuned on my Instagram and Facebook pages for more details!

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