Strada 30 day challenge

Join this inspiring art challenge and improve and grow your artistic skills. Many artists around the world come together and create wonderful art work and encourage each other. This online global event has been put together by Bryan Mark Taylor from Strada Easels which is hosted twice a year in September and in January.

The STRADA Team is a tribe of artists who are committed to improving their art and who appreciate using the highest quality painting equipment available. Once part of this family they continue to provide support so you can find joy and success in your painting adventures!

This September, artists from all over the world will be participating in the STRADA painting and drawing daily challenge. You can win one of 5 STRADA Easels.

The challenge is to create a piece of art every day in the month of September. You can draw, paint or use digital media as long as you create your art from life. Make a still life, interior, figure or a landscape for example. You share your art work on Instagram and or Facebook using the required hashtags. Artists of 18 years old and older from all over the world can join in.

If you have drawn or painted and posted each day for thirty days straight, (the entire month of September) and followed all of the rules, you will be qualified to win a STRADA Easel of your choice.

In order to get the most out of your 31 day challenge keep three things in mind:

1. Set a clear goal.
2. Use mindful repetition.
3. Have regular feedback. ​

For further details and rules on how to enter this online creative event check out the Strada Easel website

If you are not familiar with the Strada Easel products, take a look at this video here: