Spring cleaning your art studio

What better time to spring clean your art studio whilst in lockdown, quarantine, self isolation… or what ever you want to call this strange time we all have on our hands at the moment.

It feels very eerie, but let’s all make the most of the time we have in our art studio’s to do some spring cleaning and reorganising. We have selected some great reasonably prised items that you can purchase on Amazon. Click on the images provided to go to the item in the store.

1.Empty your draws and cupboards
Empty your draws and cupboards of all art materials and make three piles. A pile of items that you want to keep, a pile of art materials that you want to donate to a local school or community centre and a pile for the trash.

2. Ditch old brushes, palette knives and pens
Go through all your brushes and palette knives. See which ones are still fine to use, which ones need a deep clean and ditch what you need to ditch. Go through all your pens and see which ones have dried up.

3. Plastic containers for storage.
Organise all your pens, pencils, paint brushes and palette knives, glue and tape, tools, paints etc… into the containers. Make sure to also include a container for random items that don’t fit into any of the other categories.

4. Label all your plastic containers.
Get a label maker and make labels for all your plastic containers. You will be able to find what you are looking for much easier and it also prevents you from storing items in these containers which don’t really belong in there.

5. Wipe down
While you have all your art supplies out of your draws and cupboards and off all the shelves, give them a wipe down and get rid of all that dust and old splats of dried up paint.

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6. Sort out your old art work.
If you paint on canvas you will find that they tend to take up a lot of space. Go through them all and decide which ones you want to keep. The ones you don’t want to keep, you can still reuse for a new painting. White them over with a new layer of paint, they will be as good as new. If you have a lot of art on paper, you can store your artwork in a portfolio or a set of draws like this one below.


7. Old reference photographs
It’s great to stock up on images that inspire you and give you great ideas for new artwork. Keep them organised in a file where you can find them easily. Throw away images that you don’t use anymore.

We hope that these tips help motivate you to start spring cleaning your art studio. When you have finished it will look so much better and your will be able to be more creative and productive!

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