Sketchbook Project New York

If you are looking for an art project to shake things up a bit, then this might be something for you. The Sketchbook Project  Brooklyn Art Library in New York is an art project for creatives all over the world.
This is how it works. You order a Sketchbook from their website and fill it up with artwork. There are certain themes to choose from. You can draw, paint or collage your subject and send the book back to the Sketchbook Project library in Brooklyn. Your Sketchbook will be filed in the physical library, that travels to different cities in America. The library is also online for everybody to log into. Your sketchbook will be digitalised and the whole world can see your Sketchbook. This is an amazing collection of art!

Take a look in the library and let us know if you take part!

Best colourful wishes,

Jean and Jocelyn