Selling art and making money

Your art studio is filling up with artwork and it’s not selling… this is frustrating and financially demoralising.
You paint day and night and put your heart and soul in to your creations.
‘How can I sell more art and create a profitable art business?’

“I have just read with great interest the amazing e-course on “HOW TO SELL YOUR ARTWORK WITH SUCCESS” by Jean Jones and her daughter Jocelyn. This is the best complete package of information that will guide to do just that…
If anyone was worried & confused on how to sell your artwork, you will be no more. It is filled with references, examples and suggestions. Great job! “
Sue Patry – artist from Canada

Successfully selling art means that you also have to be successful at running the business side of your venture. As an artist you are busy drawing, painting and creating art. You don’t really want to think about the business side of selling art. It’s time consuming, daunting and overwhelming. Where to start?! There are so many things to think about…


Most artists are good at creating but not so good when it comes to the business side of selling art.

We have created an E-course ‘How to sell your artwork with success’. The leg work and research has been done for you.
It reveals the secrets to a good marketing strategy for artists. The course includes blueprints, worksheets and checklist that will help you develop your art business marketing strategy and it will your put your art career on the fast-track to success.

“How do I price my art? How do I get my work “out there”? These questions vex many artists. Well, be vexed no more.Dutch Art Box’s marvellous course teaches how to tackle these questions.The course is clear, concise and very practical. This excellent course will equip you to take your art to the world.”
Pieter Kruger –  artist from South Africa.

If you want to be successful and create financial freedom with your art business, you need to know …..

– 5 Examples of outlets to sell your artwork
– 5 different pricing formula’s for your artwork
– 9 ways to create a Passive income stream with your artwork
– How to license your artwork
– How to get your art work into the right galleries
– How to use Copyright on your artwork
– How to inject more confidence when you talk about your artwork
– Create a striking Artist Statement
– and much more…


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