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Can you tell us a little about yourself?
Sarah: I was born in the UK and now live in Ireland. I am an oil painter.

When did you start painting?
Sarah: “I have painted since very early childhood encouraged by my mother then as a young adult I fist worked in restoration and decorative arts before concentrating solely on my paintings professionally in 2001.”

What medium do you like to paint with?
Sarah: ” I find painting in oils most creative and I mostly paint on primed linen or fine cotton canvas to allow for detailed work. I paint my oil paintings classically by building the painting in layers over weeks or even months back in my studio although my work is always started in the field. I sketch outdoors alot especially wildlife studies from which I paint watercolour studies and I find this helps my wildlife oil paintings to be more lifelike. I work mainly with brushes, I always feel happier with a brush in my hand even using water soluble graphite is more expressive for me in my sketches than a pencil.

I think the most important part of being an artist (aside from skill in painting) is close observation, noticing things around you and then interpreting it in your own special way. I have always been fascinated by the natural world so that is what draws my artistic interest and I love to observe the flowers of the countryside, the birds and other wildlife so this is what I paint. I also paint landscapes often more close up scenes of rivers and forests and I love to paint horses, one of the most beautiful and difficult to paint animals I think.

Did you study art?
Sarah: ” I am basically self taught although I did do a foundation art course at college. I was apprenticed to a restorer of painted and decorated furniture in London, England after college where I learned much about the techniques of master artists and craftsmen including working on the restoration of the throne canopy at the Palace of Westminster and for pieces from the V&A museum.”

Is art a hobby or a career?
Sarah: “I work full time as a professional artist
This is hard to answer but an odd thing about myself that i have discovered is that most of the time I live and work quietly and patiently in a way that is quite simple but every now and then I get a madcap idea and change things; for example moving from England to Ireland twenty years ago and two years ago taking up horse riding after a break of 30 years.”

Have you exhibited your artwork?
Sarah: “Yes, I have had Solo exhibitions
‘Cry of Nature’ at the Origin gallery, Dublin, Ireland 2005
‘Cry of Nature’2 at the cill Railiag artist retreat gallery, Co. Kerry, Ireland
‘Light of Nature’ at the Origin gallery, Dublin 2007
‘Life in Nature’ at the Lee gallery, Cork, Ireland 2008
‘Autumn Colou’ at the Lee gallery, Cork, Ireland 2009
‘Wild Spirit’ at the Origin gallery, Dublin, Ireland 2010
‘Polo in Phoenix park’ at the all Ireland polo club, dublin, Ireland 2010
‘Close to nature’ at the south Tipperary art centre, Clonmel, Ireland April 2014
‘Sky, land and sea’ at Kilcock art gallery, Co. Kildare, Ireland September 2014
‘Scattered with light’ at Kilcock art gallery, Co. Kildare, Ireland 2017
‘True to Nature’ at Kilcock art gallery 2019

I have also exhibited in many group exhibition including the juried NoA (national open art) at Mercers hall, city of London and at gladwell and Pattersons gallery of Mayfair, London.

Have you had your artwork published?
Sarah: “Yes, in International artist magazine 2018
Woodland magazine, Ireland
Irish arts review
Irish examiner news paper
Social and personal magazine”

Have you won any awards?
Sarah: “Yes, I was Finalist in the wildlife art prize challenge no 107 in the international artist magazine for my painting- Peregrine Falcon
Two of my paintings have been purchased for the state art collection of Ireland which may not be an award but is a very great honour
representational paintings in oils and watercolour.”

Which artists inspire you?
Sarah: ” From history Ivan Shishkin and John Constable then from recent times Basil Ede and Charles Tunnicliffe for their Birds and Peter Curling for his Horses.”

I put my heart and soul into my paintings and I hope this shows. My main inspiration is a love of nature and joy in painting it as well as I can in an effort to communicate this to other.

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