Rosemary and Co Artists Brushes

Rosemary and Co is a family run business tucked away in the Yorkshire dales, run by Rosemary Thompson and her daughter Symi Jackson and their team. They have been making paint brushes for over 35 years in England.

Rosemary: “It’s the creativity of me being able to manufacturer and make something from start to finish. When an artist picks up our brushes with my name on the handle and starts to paint with it, I love it when I hear them say: ‘This has changed my life’. I like to think now that I have given them a tool they can’t blame. It’s amazing to see how their art changes. They are not just picking up a brush, they are picking up an extension of their arm, eye and vision. I really feel strongly that I have actually tried to create some magic.”

Rosemary: “I used to paint with oils. As I used to paint, my brother was in to fly fishing. I would make his fishing flies for him. I can remember thinking that the brushes I was using were poor quality. My brother said, ‘If you can make fishing flies for me, why not make your own brushes.’ It became obvious to me and I have never looked back since.

Rosemary’s daughter Symi joined the company in 2013.
Symi: “The main aim is to offer the best handmade brushes that are made here in our workshop in Yorkshire, still for an affordable price. We are proud of our efficient customer service. We have over 3000 different sorts of brushes in our collection. We have gone from selling about 10 orders a day to about 250 orders a day and we ship all over the world. In the fine art field we serve artists such as Jeremy Lipking, Nick Alm, Henrik Uldalen, Susan Lyon, Liz Steel and … we have sent a catalogue to HRH Prince Phillip! One day we hope Prince Charles will join our customer list!”


Rosemary: “Because I am passionate about art, this isn’t’ just business for me, it’s my love, my life, it’s a hobby of mine that turned in to this business.”

Visit Rosemary and Co’s website and see for yourself what wonderful products they have for artists.