Richard Robinson

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Can you tell us a little about yourself?
Richard: “I am an impressionistic artist from Ruakaka in New Zealand and I use oil on canvas. Art is my full time career since 2001 and I have had many exhibitions. I’ve been making video lessons since 2007.

When did you start painting?
Richard: “In high school. About 1990. Full time in 2001.”
What materials do you use?
Richard: “Oil on canvas. Acrylic on canvas. iPad and stylus with Procreate app.”
What subjects do you like to paint?
Richard: “Mainly landscapes, but often still lifes and birds, flowers. I love big shapes, dramatic lighting and strong colour.”

Did you study art or are you self taught?
Richard: “Self taught, although I studies graphic design and majored in illustration.”
Fun Facts
Richard: “I love watersports – surfing, kiteboarding, swimming, diving, suping, wakeboarding, jetskiing, etc etc.”
What style do you paint in?
Richard: “Impressionistic landscapes”
Which artists inspire you?
Quang Ho

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