Register your artwork

There is nothing more frustrating than finding out that somebody is using your creations under their own name. You don’t want an internet thief stealing your artwork and earning money with your design. As an artist you own the copyright to your artwork. It is important to show the world that you are the creator and own that copyright!

To prevent art theft from happening, you can, register your artwork with the international copyright management organisation – CC Proof, just like we do. When you register, they provide you with tangible evidence that you are the creator of the original work and that you own the copyright. Use the digital seal on your website to deter internet thieves.

By registering you will inextricably link your name to your artwork and leave no room for discussion. An important part of protecting your work is communicating to others that your work is protected. CC Proof offers you support with this communication and makes it easy!

For more detailed information on how to use this registration take a look at their website.

Get piece of mind and protect your artwork now.