Raymar Panels

Raymar is a small family business based in Phoenix, Arizona. Owners Catherine and Emilie Dietrich are committed to produce the finest canvas and linen painting panels for professional artists.

Catherine: “In 1998, I was an artist anxious to re-ignite my art career but accidentally started an art supply business instead. My workshop instructors required students to make their own canvas panels because a professional grade panel did not exist. This was the moment I recognized a need in the art materials industry and with my husband created Raymar twenty-three years ago. My daughter Emilie, also an artist, joined me in 2008 after my husband passed.

Emilie: “Ultimately, our passion is to help artists and we hope our panels inspire and empower them to bring their creativity to life.”


We craft our panels with the finest archival materials: Claessens and Artfix Belgian Linens, Fabriano Italian watercolor papers, Arches French oil paper and cotton canvas from Georgia. We adhere these materials to different substrates including MDF, Gatorfoam and Aluminum (ACM). Wherever an artist is in their career, we have a panel for their style and skill.

We enjoy praise for our exceptional customer service and efficiency. Orders are shipped the same day they are received or the next day worldwide. Multiple art stores in the US and Canada offer our panels for sale and they will soon be on sale in Europe.

With Raymar archival panels, artists have more time to paint and experience the peace of mind that their art will stand the test of time. We are privileged to have accomplished artists Jeremy Lipking, Quang Ho, Michelle Dunaway and Daniel Keys create their art on Raymar.

In your quest to share your creative vision, there is your paint and there is your brush, but your panel ultimately records the lasting impression. Lasting art lives on Raymar.

We invite you to visit Raymar’s website to experience our many canvas and linen panels, www.raymarart.com