Quirky Quarantine Sketching

It’s crazy. More and more people are being affected by the Corona Virus all around the world. We hope you all stay safe and especially sane whilst this invisible force continues to spread.

We have put a quirky quarantine sketching project together for artists who want to have some artistic diversion whilst staying safe at home or recovering.

Download and print out this box on an A4 and sketch your drawing inside it. Use the prompts suggested. Take a photograph of your artwork and post it on to Facebook and or Instagram with hashtags #quirkyquarantinesketching #quarantinesketching #dutchartbox

Download your Quirky-Quarantine-sketching.pdf here.

Toilet rolls
Coffee cup
View from your window
Your paint box
Your shoes
Your pet
Bar of soap
Bottle of Liquid gel soap
Box of tissues
Your bed

Share your artwork with us! Don’t forget to use the hashtags: #quirkyquarantinesketching #quarantinesketching #dutchartbox
We do hope you all keep safe and or recover soon if you are affected by the Carona Virus COVID – 19.

Best colourful wishes,
Jean and Jocelyn