Product Spotlight Pastels

Pastels are a unique art material that can be used in different ways. Soft pastels are water soluable and turn into paint when you add some water. So you can draw with pastels or use them in a painterly way. When you use the pastels with water, you need to stretch the paper first.

Try out several different paper sort to see what works best for you. You can use paper with different weights, colours and textures. They all have varying effects.

Pastels come in various forms, sticks, pencils, soft and hard. You need to experiment to find out what you prefere to use. With harder pencils you can get more detail. With soft round pastels you can cover more area.

Kneedable erasers and shapers are a must to manouver the pastel around the paper.

Top Tip: Clean up your pastel box by putting in some uncooked rice or sawdust. Close the lid and shake gently and the pastels will come out clean(er).

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