Pigment Tokyo

PIGMENT TOKYO is absolute eye candy for any artist!  It’s a museum, research center, exhibition and store in one. The store offers spectacular workshops showing you traditional and modern techniques of various art materials.

When you enter the store, your eyes will not be able to look away from the 4500 glass jars full of colourful pigments creating a rainbow of colour. Brushes in all shapes and sizes all perfectly aligned.

Don’t worry, if you can’t get to the store you can take a look here and fill your shopping basket from the comfort of your own art studio.

On the online shopping site, you will find silk, cotton canvas, Washi paper, vintage ink sticks, metal leaf, effect pigments, pigment paste, tempera paste, drawing brushes, finger brushes, rare brushes, pigment dishes, ink stones, gilding tools and much more…. don’t miss out – go and take a look at the online. 

Atsumi Okano from PIGMENT TOKYO describes the store

PIGMENT TOKYO is an art materials research lab connecting artistic expression both with tradition and the future, and develops the ingredients for that expression – colorants and adhesive vehicles for mixing paints, calligraphy brushes and paintbrushes – in a unique and creativity centre fusing an art academy and a museum with an art materials store.

Natural colorants, such as Ultramarine and Verdigris made from the world’s highest quality ores meet cutting-edge German industrial science and combine with glues made according to time-honoured formulas but with the latest technology, offering a panoply of rare and superior quality materials.

That wide variety includes pigments in 4,500 hues, 200 kinds of sumi ink sticks, 50 types of isinglass including our original formulas and a true abundance of calligraphy and paintbrushes. PIGMENT TOKYO does not limit itself to offering art materials, it serves as a museum, collecting, storing, and exhibiting rare and precious inkstones and brushes as incarnations of “the utility of beauty.”

Also, it offers open courses and workshops designed to share cutting-edge technical and material knowledge and to preserve historical legacy. Its private workshops and customized lectures are presented in both Japanese and English and have acquired an outstanding reputation from home and overseas.

Therefore, today, art lovers visit PIGMENT TOKYO as one of their major purposes to travel to Japan. For people who cannot visit the facility, most of the products can be shipped internationally via its online store.