Patrick Onyekwere

by | Jan 25, 2022 | Featured Artist

Can you tell us a little about yourself?
Patrick: “I am an artist living and working in Lagos, Nigeria. Over the years I have thought myself to master the pen and parole work in harmony by understanding the individualistic of the strokes and overlapping lines from different angles until a desired form is achieved, a style known as cross hatching technique.”

When did you start making art?
Patrick: “My love for art was apparent from a young age, I started drawing professionally in the year 2015.”

What subjects do you draw?
Patrick: “I choose my subjects based on the mood of a particular time, place and expression on someone face, it’s more like a ritual for me, I believe only my own sustained spark of interest will give the finish work the absorbing enticing quality. I love watching people with emotions, the personality that comes from it and what they might mean.”

Did you study art?
Patrick: ” I studied architecture in collage because I enjoyed planning and building things, I love the creative nature of problem solving that involves art and praticality, through the course of my study in architecture fascinated with lines, one of the elements of design that has shaped the use of ballpoint pen as my medium in art.”

Do you have a career in art?
Patrick: “Yes I have a career in art. It started off as a hobby until 2015 when I started drawing professionally.”

What style of art do you make?
Patrick: “Photorealism using Ballpoint pen”

Which artists inspire you?
Patrick: “Banksy and Kelvin Okafor”

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