Paper or canvas

You are ready to start a new and exciting art project. But what to use? Paper or canvas? There comes a point when you don’t have anymore room or wall space to hang your work. Everything has it’s advantages and disadvantages.
Here are some of our thoughts on this matter.

Paper takes up less room
Paper is flatter than canvas and you can store it in a portfolio or a cabinet with large flat draws. This way you can fill up a portfolio or a draw with many pictures without having the clutter of stacked canvases.

A few sorts of canvasses – more sort of paper
Generally speaking there are only a few sorts of canvas (cotton, linen, rough or smooth) but there are so many different kinds of paper. Weight, colour and texture can vary greatly. From very fine and smooth to course and rough. Different effects can be achieved on different types of paper.

You can use many mediums on paper
Paper can handle almost anything. From acrylic and oil paint to water colour, charcoal, pencils, pastels and mixed media. Working on canvas you are more limited which medium you can use. 

Framing your work
If you want to hang up your work on paper it has got to be framed. You could use a standard interchangeable frame. You can alternate your pictures in this way, changing them many times.

Preparing your surface
If you are using anything wet on paper, you need to stretch it first to prevent it from buckling. We show our students how to do this in [our studio]. We will show you too if you like. Click on this link to go to the free tutorial on how to stretch your own paper.