Gouache is popular among designers, illustrators and commercial artists. The paints are perfect for creating bold, vibrant artworks.

Product description
Gouache, like watercolours, is pigment combined with gum Arabic. It also contains chalk to make it opaque and can be thinned with water.

Gouache comes in a wide variety colours, plus fluorescent colours and metallic pigments.

Unique properties of gouache are the fact that it is opaque, it covers brush strokes, it dries quickly and has a matt finish and can also be used with an airbrush. It can be used in different thicknesses from extremely thin to impasto. The paint can be re-wetted which is a great advantage. Because of it’s fast drying time it is often used in comic illustrations, posters and other design work.

How to use
All these colours are intermixable, and you can pair them with our water colours for a flat, matte colour effect. Honey and starch can be added to slow down the drying time down. It can be thinned with water

Gouache dates back to ancient Greece and appeared in Europe in the 1300.

Gouache paints are made from the finest pigments, offering vibrant, opaque water colours with a flat, matt finish. Click on the link and order your set of gouache paints here.