Join us – and sign up for a FREE ONLINE ART LESSON

We meet every week in the digital studio. You set up your art materials at your desk and follow along via ZOOM and join in the fun. We use our special Drawing Grid and Light Pad that make the art lessons easier and give you the best results. Every lesson is different, we have a new project every week. For example, we will be drawing an optical illusion by Escher or we paint the sunflowers by Van Gogh. We fold increadable origami creations, paint self-portraits, paint a galaxy, summer flower fields in acrylic and much more. You will be working with many different materials such as watercolour, acrylic, oil paint, pastels, charcoal, ink and coloured pencils….
Some art lessons is supported with additional videos that you can watch after the lesson. We even give you private feedback if you wish.

The lessons are once a week on Wednesday, Friday or Saturday.

Materials needed
We experiment with lots of different art materials. Every two months we change to try out and learn different products.

These are classes are for children from 10 years old and older.

When you have signed up for the art lessons, you come once a week until you decide to stop. We have one months notice.

13 euro’s per lesson

Technical info
The art lessons are streamed through Zoom and the video’s you can watch are on our Youtube Channel.

How to sign up for the free trial
Send an e-mail to to sign up for a free online art lesson.
For more information and details take a look on our website.