Online Art Courses

Some of the world’s best and most popular and famous art instructors are now giving lessons online. These have the advantage of much more content and the possiblity of watching the online lessons, time after time, so you can learn at your own pace. These online lessons are packed with information and advice, often you can also get your work critiqued as well.

Mediums such as oil, pencil, pastel, watercolour, charcoal, ink and much more are included. The topics are also very varied and range from portraits, still life, landscapes and wild life.

Take a look through these examples of courses and tempt yourself! This list is worth keeping an eye on, we are constantly adding courses to it. No matter what your skill level is, you are welcomed by a friendly tutor and shown how the course works.

If you are taking a course that you think is worth publishing, drop us a line and we will take a look.

3 Color Portrait Drawing
Ken Goshen has developped a very inspiring and educational series of tutorials. One of which is this workshop ‘3 color portrait drawing’ demonstrating the process of drawing a masterpiece portrait using the classical 3-color (“Tricolor”) dry media palette: charcoal, white chalk, and red chalk. We will work with black and white charcoal to create form, and red chalk pastel to add moments of chroma that bring the drawing to life. For more information about this workshop by Ken Goshen, take a look here.



Watercolour Wildlife Art Lessons
Watercolour Wildlife Lessons with Paul Hopkinson from Devon in the United Kingdom.
Paul : “My name is Paul Hopkinson, and I am a professional wildlife artist and have been painting for over 40 years. I have written step-by-step watercolour tutorials for the Leisure Painter magazine and also teach my detailed way of using watercolour on my website.” Learn to paint realistic wildlife in watercolour today with currently over 85 real-time video tutorials to choose from. The online step-by-step watercolour  lessons are forever growing! For more information about these Watercolour Wildlife Art Lessons by Paul Hopkinson take a look here…



Learn Masterful Landscape Painting from Home with Ken Salaz!
Learn Masterful Landscape painting with Ken Salaz from the USA. Ken teaches you online, from the comfort of your own home where you can watch and paint along. You learn how to paint stunning landschapes from start to finish using oil paint. He throws in a couple of magic tricks as well. He demonstrates the principles of Drawing, Value, Color, Composition and Light Quality.
Ken posts two videos a week on his Patreon page in which you can watch and paint along. IHe answers questions in the comment sections as well as through private messages. For more information about art materials, the level, cost and how to sign up, come and take a look…



Japanese Calligraphy
Japanese Calligraphy taught by Makiko from Japan. It is one of the most spiritual and powerful forms of art. Each letter reflects a person’s mind, vision, thoughts and energy.
It is important to purify your mind and soul in order to express each word’s power with its character. Come and enjoy this dynamic and delicate calligraphy with the unique movement of brush, rhythm and our energy. Makiko teaches Japanese Calligraphy online so you can join from the comfort of you own home. For more information about the level, cost and how to sign up, come and take a look…




Painting the dog as fine art
Painting the dog as fine art by Johanne Mangi from the USA. Join Johanne as she teaches you online, from the comfort of your own art studio. She teaches in a “this makes sense” method using logical, intuitive means. No matter what level you’re at you will immediately understand how to get better and retain what you learned. You will be able to approach any subject after this workshop. Johanne: “Online learning is more than the new normal. It can be just as full an experience, if not more so, as in-person workshops if done right. Ask anyone who just participated in my Animal Workshop and they will tell you how eye opening it was!” For more information about the level, cost and how to sign up, come and take a look…



My Painting Club
My Painting Club, started up by Richard Robinson from New Zealand. You can become a free member and you get full access to all of his painting lessons for 7 days to see if you like it. Find what you want from over 100 top quality painting lessons that include all the photos and resources you need to enjoy making a beautiful painting while learning how to paint like a pro. For more information about the level, cost and how to sign up, come and take a look…



Online Art Lessons for kids
Online Art Lessons for kids, join Jocelyn Jones from Holland for a FREE ONLINE ART LESSON! Creative kids of 10 years old and older can join in and have some artistic fun. Keeping creative and learning new creative skills is important for children especially during Lockdown time. Learn about mixing colours, how to draw perspective, paint beautiful landscapes, self portraits and much more. We experiment with lots of different art materials such as, pencils, pens and fine liners, markers, watercolour, acrylic paints and much more. Come and try it out and meet new friends from across the world. For more information about the level, cost and how to sign up, come and take a look…