Oil paint

What could be better than spending your free afternoon browsing in an art store loaded with art supplies such as brushes, palette knives, canvases, pens and pencils in every colour, the smell of oil paint…..  Being inspired by all these wonderful products in all their shapes and forms. Second best thing to an actual art store is browsing online from the comfort of your favourite chair or sofa.

We went for a brows and found the following oil paint sets that look so inviting. The prices of these art products range from under $50,- to …. well see for yourself! What ever your art budget is, it is always fun to brows around and see what kind of products are out there. Enjoy!

Royal Talens Cobra Artists’ Water Mixable Oil Color Set, 40ml Tubes, 10 Assorted Colors (25820510)

Rembrandt Oil Colour 10x15ml Tube Basic Paint Set

Royal Talens Cobra Artists’ Water Mixable Oil Color Value Pack, 40 mlTubes, 10 Assorted Colors (21820510)


Royal Talens – Rembrandt Oil Colour Box – Master Gold Edition in Wooden Chest – With Paints, Palette, and Brushes

Van Gogh Oil Color Paint, 32x20ml Tubes + 2x60ml Tubes + Accessories, Wooden Box Superior Set

Rembrandt Oil Color Paint Excellent Wood Box Set, 19x15ml Tubes + 18x40ml Tubes + 3x60ml Tubes + 1x150ml Tube + 48 Accessories

Rembrandt Oil Color Paint, Commemorative Wood Box Set, 120-Oil Colors (40ml/15ml) + Accessories, Limited Edition Year of Rembrandt