New Year resolutions for artists

Sometimes we artists can get stuck in a rut. Drawing and painting the same subjects in the same way, in the same style in the same medium over and over again. If you dare to challenge yourself to change and experiment with new materials and styles you will automatically learn, grow and improve your artistic skills. Here are some suggestions –

– Use only shades of one colour, whatever your medium is.
– Use complimentary colours.
–¬†Change your style, if you paint loose tighten up. If you paint tight loosen up.
– Change your medium and try something you’ve never used before. For instance calligraphy, metal leaf, gesso and watercolour, alcohol ink, use a palette knife or plastic card, zentangle, get stuck in, it’s fun.
– Use different carriers or supports, aluminium or copper based panels, MDF coated with newspaper, oak panels, coloured or toned paper, hand-made paper, very large or very small canvasses or even paint on walls.
– manipulate happy accidents into something positive.
– Go to the woods and collect sticks and pine cones, or the beach for shells and drift wood to make a three dimensional collage.
– Get up early and paint plein air in the sunrise
– Go out late and catch the sunset with paint
– Make marks in the sand
– Try adding metal leaf to your paintings

Artistically explore, experiment, practice and get unexpected results, failure doens’t matter, experience does and always counts! Throw caution to the wind! Dare to change! Have a go, it’s easier than you think!


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