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Our Website the Dutch Art Box
The Dutch Art Box is a global platform for artists all around the world. It gives artists the opportunity to expose their work and tell their story. It is seen by other artists, galleries and potential buyers all over the world. This is a free service we give to artists.

We have reoccurring articles on our website that are of interest to artists both amateur and professional who work in different kinds of media. Items such as:

This week’s Featured Artist
This is a weekly item for a new artist to share their work and art story. Every week we showcase a new Featured Artist, sometime an amateur and sometimes a professional. The artist shares images of their work and tells their story. Links to the artists social media, website and e-mail are included.

Online lessons
We have an archive of free online lessons which is constantly added to.

Previous Featured Artists
This is a collection of artists who have been featured on our website in the past

How to become a Featured Artist
This online form is for artists to fill in and become a Featured Artist.

Blogs about various artistic topics
Product reviews of art materials, art books, art workshop, courses and vacations. Interesting articles about art related topics like current competitions, art exhibitions, how to’s….

Facebook feed
A daily updated Facebook feed with work of Featured Artists.

Subscription form to our enrol to our newsletter
Our newsletter goes out to artists all over the world. Readers can subscribe to our newsletter via the home page.

Place for a video about a featured topic
The spot is reserved for a related art video to catch your eye.

The map of the world
On this global map we present all the artists that have been featured on our website. Hovering over the pin you can see the artist’s work and connect via the social media buttons, website or e-mail.

Advertising space
Three blocks of advertising space which are clickable and go to an additional page with more information about the products or services showcased.

Who are our readers
Our readers are both amateur and professional curious artist who want to learn and explore new art avenues. They want to promote their artwork and tell their own art story. They are brand building their name as an artist and wish to connect with other artists, galleries and art collectors.

Our readers are usually interested in joining art competitions and exhibiting their work in various places and online. They often seek out new and interesting art materials, art books,

Advertisting rates

Please contact us if you are interested in advertising with us. We look forward to making a fitting proposal for your advertising needs and connect you with our world wide readers. 

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