Media kit

Our Mission
Our mission is to build a global network of like-minded artistic people. The Dutch Art Box connects both amateur and professional artists, instructors, art businesses and organisations on a global scale. We serve the art community and give them the opportunity to grow and enrich their artistic network.

We use the following tools to carry out our Mission.
– Weekly Featured Artists
– Displaying Art Books / DVD’s on our digital bookshelf
– Product promotion
– Tutorials by artists
– Advertorials about art companies
– Promote introductional films
– Advertising space
– Social Media for spreading the word
– Newsletters

Advertising options

If you are an artist seeking more exposure we can offer you a spotlight and you can become a ‘Featured Artist’.
This interview includes:
– presentation of yourself
– tags to your social media
– links to your website
– 6 images of your artwork
– 1 image of yourself at work

This article will be shared on our social media platforms and in our monthly newsletter – free of charge.

Authors of art books/ebooks/dvd’s
If you are an author of an art book or dvd, you can publish one item on our digital bookshelf for free.
This includes:
– a short description
– tags to your social media
– links to your website
– information where to purchase the items.

Teachers of Online Art Courses
Do you offer an Online Art Course or workshop for artists? You can add your information to our website ‘Online Art Courses’ listings for a full year.
This includes:
– description of the course
– images
– promotional film
– links and tags

Social Media and monthly Newsletter
The item will also be published in our monthly newsletter and on our social media platforms Facebook and Instagram.

Galleries and Art Businesses
If you are a gallery or an art business looking to present your company, we can offer you the following for free:
– article of 300 words in English
– copyright free images
– links to your website
– tags to your social media
– be published in our newsletter
– advertising space
– promotional film of your business or product

Working together with us
We believe in the power of connecting people by building a worldwide network of like-minded artistic people. We provide this network to artists, instructors, galleries, and art businesses, to create the opportunity to collaborate together.

“We are out of the box thinkers with global connections. We have a direct approach and are motivated with passionate creative and innovative ideas.”

John Lennon could have said: “Make art not war”

We are a constantly growing company with a wide following on our website, monthly newsletter, social media accounts.  If you would like more information on our current statistics please contact us via

If you are interested in working together with us through advertising or through affiliate marketing, please contact us. We would like to make a tailor made offer for you, for a more than competitive fee.
Looking forward to hearing from you. Please contact us at