Marketing your art work

These days, it’s not enough to be a good artist, you have to be a good sales person as well. With these simple tips and tricks of the trade, it’s not too difficult, especially for the younger generation who are quite adept at computer work.

Have a good logo
You need a simple but interesting image so that people can recognise you and your art work. It could be a symbol or your initials or something along those lines. Use it in every possible way, as a water mark in your art work, on your business cards, on your website, social media and such. Repartition is the name of the game.

Business cards
Business cards are a must, complete with your website address, social media contact details on it. Add a QR code so people can go from your paper card straight to a website. Best of both worlds.

Art Forums
Taking part in online art forums is a great way to get your name noticed out there. Comment and give friendly advice and engage with the audience.

Get a good and interesting website together and fill it on a regular basis, so that it remains interesting. Add your art work and your artists profile and regularly  write blogs to keep your followers engaged. Read up about tips on making a good art website here.

Write an art blog
A blog is like a diary in which you can let followers know about your current work, exhibitions, art trips and art related topics that inspire you.

Social Media
Presenting yourself on social media regularly is a good and very powerful way of getting your name and work to be known, use it and promote work regularly.

You can make some video’s of how you make your art work. Share your personal story and engage with prospective buyers and collectors.

Making and publishing e-books to connect with your followers can spread your recognition.

Portfolio presentation
Having a good portfolio will make things easier to promote you and your work to art organisations, art competitions and galleries. Make sure yours is interesting and well filled. Each piece of art work should be well photographed and have notes on size, material used, what inspired you to make this piece and the story behind what inspired you. People who buy your work, want to know about you. Get more tips about making your portfolio here.

Exhibit your art work in (online) Galleries
Today, there are also online galleries as well as physical galleries. These are also a good and effective way to promote your work. If you are accepted by a gallery, they often promote you and your work to buyers and collectors all over the world. Here is an article with tips on how to get your artwork in to galleries.

Digital marketing
Digital Marketing is here to stay and can be a great help. There are several Social Media platforms that you can post on, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr and Pinterest, all are worth the effort.

Art competitions
Art competitions allow you to expose and display your work. If you are good enough, you may even win a prize. Most of all, the art work and yourself are on show and visible not only to the general public but also scouts and galleries. This is surely a very valuable commodity, again repetition is the name of the game, let your work be seen as many times and ways as possible. Here is a list of art competitions that you can enter in 2021.

Art Platforms
You can get your art work and story published in art magazines and art platforms. Make sure that you get the link to your website out there. The more links that refer to your website, the higher your website ranking will get. Here are some websites that you can use to get more exposure.

Having recommended all this, let’s hope you still have time to paint!

Jean Elliot.