Mark Fehlman

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Can you tell us something about yourself?
Mark: “I was born in the UK and now live in California. I started painting in 2002 and enjoy painting colourful landscapes. I am a full-time artist who paints almost every day. Fun fact, I am also an avid gardener.”

What is your painting process?
I start out with a series of thumbnail sketches to design the painting. Once I select the image, I tone my canvas board and lay out a burnt umber layout in 3 values. Once I have perfected layout, I go through a checklist to find common mistakes. Finally I add color in 3-4 passes, allowing a day between each pass. This allows the paint to set up so that I can model it a bit. I can also add or subtract details as required. I use a large mirror behind me to check my painting.

What subjects do you like to paint?
Mark: “I like to paint the ocean, landscape and boats. Each of these subjects provided a universe of subject matter that collectors seek out. I love painting outside and being inspired by nature and manmade objects in the environment.”

Did you study art?
Mark: “Yes, I went to architecture school and have studied art with many great teachers.”

Have you had any exhibitions?
Mark: “Yes, quite a few.
2011 California Art Club, Tejon Ranch exhibition @Bakersfield Museum of Art
2012-20 California Art Club Gold Medal Show
2012 California Art Club, Malibu On-Location, at Pepperdine University
2014 LPAPA, Best of Plein Air, “Grand Prize Award”
2015 California Art Club, “Romance of Europe”
2015 California Art Club, “Landscapes of the West II”
2015 LPAPA “California Impressionism: Plein Air Painting Past & Present”
2020 LPAPA, Best of Plein Air “Third Place.”

Has your work been published anywhere?
Mark: “Yes, it has been published in several magazines. To name a few,
Plein Air Magazine May 2018, Cover and Feature Article
Plein Air Magazine March 2020, Article
Plein Air Podcast Episode 100.”

Have you won any awards?
Mark: “Yes, I have.
2014 LPAPA, Best of Plein Air, “Grand Prize Award”
2015 Borrego Invitational, First Place
2017 Just Plein Fun, Quick Draw, First Place
2018 Just Plein Fun, Quick Draw, First Place
2020 LPAPA, Best of Plein Air, Third Place”

What are your favourite products?
Mark: “Gamsol and Sorolla.”

Mark: “I have a wonderful new video out called “Deign Strategies for Powerful Paintings” published by Streamline Videos.

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