Luis Diego Taddei

by | Jul 12, 2022 | Featured Artist

Can you tell us about yourself?
Luis: “I am an artist living and working in Rio Rico, Arizona. I created portraits using watercolours.”


When did you start making art?
Luis: “I liked to draw since my childhood but it was during my high school times when the need to grew technically was born and from that point my artistic path started.”

What kind of art materials do you use?
Luis: “Lately I feel very attached with watercolor which it’s a fascinating techniche.”

What kind of subjects do you paint?
Luis: “Definitely human figure. In my opinion it has endless possibilities besides it’s strongly expressive.”

Did you study art?
Luis: “I studied a bachelor degree at Universidad de Sonora in Mexico.”

Hobby or career?
Luis: “I think it’s both. For me more than a career, art it’s a lifestyle. Do it for a living, do it to enjoy life.”

Fun Fact?
Luis: “When I was on high school I participated in a mural contest. The subject was “anti-drugs”.  Some friends and I planned to represent Ana Gabriela Guevara, who is an athlete  from my town and represented Mexico in the Olympic  games.  She was depicted as a centaur her lower body was a deer because it’s a state symbol. In this scenario Guevara is running with other deers beating some obstacles that were drugs. The main idea was “the best way to beat drugs it’s through sports and who better in our town as Ana example than Ana Guevara”  we were thinking  -this is a great message!”- This mural was next to a bus stop. One day a woman with her daughter stopped for a while watching us painting. Suddenly this woman told her daughter “can you see it? Because the drugs Ana Guevara thinks she is a deer and wants to fly”. That moment thought me that it doesn’t matter the message you want to convey every person will have different interpretations it doesn’t matters how clear and evident we think we are.”

Have you exhibited your artwork?
Luis: “Yes, I’ve been participating in exhibitions mostly in Mexico and USA. I had the opportunity to show my art also in Chile and Spain.”

Which artist inspires you?
Luis: “The artist  who inspired me most l, this list could be long but if I had to Cho’s those who strongly get into my mind I’d say Jorge Gonzales Camarena, David Alfaro Siqueiros, Eudes Correia.”

I really appreciate this opportunity to be part of your featured artist its an honor.

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