Luis Cámara

by | May 4, 2021 | Blog, Featured Artist

When did you start making art?
Luis: “When I was a child I enjoyed a lot drawing and painting, but I really started painting in a more systematic way about 11 years ago, mainly with watercolor technique.”

What kind of art materials do you use?
Luis: “I paint mostly with watercolors on paper, both commercial watercolors and mineral pigments. I have recently started painting with acrylics and oil as well.”

What subjects do you paint?
Luis: “I am a watercolor teacher in Madrid and I try to paint almost every subject with my students, but my work focuses mainly on motifs I have been able to develop with a more abstract and personal language: landscapes, flowers, still lifes, boats, forests.
I have never studied in an art school, but I have participated in several workshops with different painters and techniques. I have also learnt a lot watching videos and reading good books.”

What style do you paint in?
Luis: “One of the hallmarks of my work is the use of a semi-abstract language, always with a figurative starting reference, but modifying it to get a more personal interpretation. In the last months I am working a lot with Still lifes, a very classical subject that I try to reinterprete. I work mainly with water media techniques, mostly watercolor and more recently acrylics.”

Is art a hobby or a career for you?
Luis: “For some time, painting was a hobby for me, but it was gradually gaining ground in my life and 3 years ago I started to paint professionally and on a full time basis.

Fun Fact?
Luis: “Maybe not a fun but a curious fact . As a lover of music (I also play some instruments) and painting, I am always establishing analogies between both disciplines, trying to discover relationships between chords, melodies, rhythms and colors, textures and lines. I  always try that may paintings have rhythm, movement, silence …”

Have you exhibited your art work?
Luis: “Yes, I have. My works have been shown in many international watercolor exhibitions held in different countries, where I have been selected and invited to participate together with international well-known watercolorists: Albania, Eslovenia, France, Chile, China, Italy, India, Japan, Mexico, Portugal, Russia, Spain.

Which artists do you admire?
Luis: “I admire a lot of artists and the list would be endless. Van Gogh is one of my favourites, but let me mention some artists I admire for their watercolor works:  Fortuny, Sargent, Chieng Chung Wei, Kees Van Aalst, Josep María Martínez Lozano…

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