Leonora Barbieri

by | Oct 19, 2021 | Featured Artist

Tell us a little about yourself
Leonora: “I am a digital artist living and working in Milan, Italy.”

When did you start painting?
Leonora: “When I was a teenager.”

What materials do you use?
Leonora: “I use Acrilic colora, pencil and digital supports as Photoshop and Procreate.”

What subjects do you paint?
Leonora: “I like to paint people and faces, I’m fascinated by the beauty in every person”.

Did you go to an art school?
Leonora: “Yes I have a degree in Painting and Digital Arts.

Is your art a hobby or a career?
Leonora: “I do sell and work with my art and I’m also an Art teacher”.

Fun Fact?
Leonora: ” I’m also a DJ.”

Have you exhibited your art work?
Leonora:” Yes, I was able to exhibit my works in the UK, in Italy and in Rotterdam, with the art school I went to and also outside of that with many collaborations.”

What do you specialise in?
Leonora: “Painting and drawing in digital art.”

Which artists inspire you?
Leonora: “Schile, Duchamp, Cindy Sherman and more.”

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