Learn Masterful Landscape Painting from Home with Ken Salaz!

This is an online format teaching. I, Ken Salaz,  am posting two videos a week on my Patreon page in which you would watch and paint along. I answer questions in the comment sections as well as through private messages. I am teaching and demonstrating the principles of Drawing, Value, Color, Composition and Light Quality that are laid out in my book, “Landscpaes in Oil”. They are the same techniques used by great masters such as Frederich Church and Bierstadt.

You can start today!  There are videos uploaded for painting as well as a video on Magic performances.

Materials needed
This is an oil painting course, so you will need the following:
Flake white replacement (Gamblin)
Titanium White
Olive Green (Gamblin)
Sap Green (Gamblin)
Asphaltium (Gamblin) or Burnt Umber (Gamblin)
Burnt Sienna (Gamblin)
Venetian Red (Gamblin)
Cadmium Orange light (Gamblin)
Yellow Ocher (Gamblin)
Hansa Yellow Light (Gamblin)
Ultramarine Blue (Gamblin)
Cobalt Blue (Gamblin)
Raw umber (Gamblin)
Van Dyke Brown (Gamblin) – Use as a black
Quinocridone Magenta (Gamblin)
Dioxazine Purple (Gamblin)
Cinnabar or some kind of bright green- Holbein
Indigo (Holbein) – OPTIONAL
Prussian Blue (Gamblin). OPTIONAL

Brushes – Buy Synthetic , not Bristle
Brand – Beste is real good and so is the utrecht brand – http://www.jerrysartarama.com/beste-finest-golden-taklon-hair-brushes
Number 0 liner brush
Various Filbert brushes varying from small to large size.  #2 to #12
Fan Brush

Oleo pasto. (Winsor Newton)
Galkyd Medium (fast Drying)

 – Very Important!! – You must paint on linen, or gesso panel.
Secondly – It would be smart to tone your panels with a light wash of Burnt Umber or Burnt Umber mixed with Burnt Sienna.  Not too dark, just enough to take the white off. Sizes: Buy 9 x 12 and 11 x 14. it would be good to have some small panels 6 x 8 to do color studies btw!


The course is for all levels of pianters

ONLY $12 a month!!!!

Technical info
You will be able to follow the instruction, by loggin onto my Patreon page and following the videos I post.

How to sign up
Sign up here and start painting with me Ken Salaz.