Learn how to paint with Ken Salaz

Ken Salaz is a Featured Artist on the Dutch Art Box. He is recognized as a ‘Living Master’ by the Art Renewal Center. He is not only a professional artists but also a magician and mentalist! Ken Salaz talks about his dvd ‘Magestic Landscapes’ and art book ‘Landscape in oil’.

Ken: “There is never a better time to start learning new techniques than right now. Every level of artistry can always be improved. I have studied painting for over 40 years and I still am learning with every piece I do. It has been my honor this past year to pass on the techniques I have been working to master for so many years. I released two comprehensive works that enable you to see the techniques and approach to landscape painting that masters have used for over 100


In my instructional DVD “Majestic Landscapes” I take you through over 11 hours of personalized instructional
painting. You can follow me step by step as I create an entire painting filled with light and atmosphere. For the first time I share
my “Butterfly System” approach to the landscape – It clarifies
everything so you will never be lost at any stage of the painting. The
System takes three elements that are in the landscape and brings them
together with the three elements of painting, so you always have an
intentional approach and a specific system to follow. This will help
you paint with more self-assurance because you’ll have a strong
foundation and structure to help guide you. With this new approach, you
will ALWAYS know how to move your paintings forward rather than
staying stuck in repetitive mistakes.

The second exciting release is my book “Landscape in OIl”

Landscapes in Oil: A Contemporary Guide to Realistic Painting in the Classical Tradition

It reveals the techniques I have learned from the Hudson River
School Tradition of Painting. You will learn the secrets behind
Luminosity, Atmosphere, Perspective, Composition and so much more!
The book is filled with examples of modern Masters and Paintings by
Church, Bierstadt and others.”