Kim van der Hoek

by | Nov 25, 2021 | Featured Artist

Can you tell us about yourself?
Kim: “I am an oil paint artist living and working in Southern California, USA.”

When did you start painting?

Kim: “I took my first painting class in college. However after college, I didn’t paint for more than a decade because I was working full time as a graphic designer. It wasn’t until 2015 that I picked up a paint brush regularly and began my current journey.”

What materials do you use?
Kim: “My favorite painting tools are palette knives, squeegees, color shapers and of course, paint brushes. I use these tools to create paint layers that are the result of subtraction and addition. Palette knives and scrapers prevent me from over-rendering to the point of banality which is my tendency when I use brushes exclusively.”

What subjects do you paint?
Kim: “Landscapes and city scenes. Since 2018 I’ve been painting a series of aerial views. That vantage point allows me to experiment with abstraction and paint layers in a way that holds my interest – for now at least.”

Did you study art?
Kim: “Art college gave me a great foundation of life drawing, color theory, design, art history and general problem solving. Unfortunately, college didn’t teach me much about painting in a realistic manner because abstraction was everything at that time. Years later, when I picked up a paint brush again I began by taking plein air painting classes and workshops from several local artists. Those lessons were invaluable in learning the essentials of landscape painting.”

Hobby or Career?
Kim: ” Painting is my full time job that provides necessary income for my family.”

Fun Fact?
Kim: ” I have an epic Hallmark ornament collection that started in 2003 when I was given one as a gift. Since then it’s really grown! When I turn on the lights on our family Christmas tree the ornaments activate creating a light and sound show that rivals any amusement park. It’s both ridiculous and fun.”

Have you exhibited your art work?
Kim:” Yes, my artwork has been included in many national exhibitions including the Oil Painters of America, American Women Artists and the American Impressionist Society. A few highlights were winning the distinguished achievement in landscape at the American Women Artists National Exhibition, being awarded an honorable mention in Southwest Art Magazine’s Artistic Excellence annual competition and winning the Alden Bryan Memorial Landscape Award at the Oil Painters of America National Juried Exhibition. My work has also been in numerous private gallery group exhibitions since 2009.

Which artists inspire you?
I seek out women artists for inspiration because we are woefully underrepresented as influencers in the art community – Jenny Saville, Ann Gale, Amy Sherald, Ann Lofquist and E. Charlton Fortune
My latest online course Terrific Trees is coming out November 17th, 2021. For more online courses as well as online mentoring visit the workshops page of my website

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