Kathie Odom

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Tell us a little about yourself
Kathie: ‘I am an artist from Walland, Tennessee in the USA.’

When did you start painting?
Kathie: ‘I started painting in 2009.’

What materials do you use?
Kathie: ‘Oil paints applied all prima with brushes, palette knife, makeup applicators, steel wool and sometimes my fingers.’

What subjects do you paint?
Kathie: ‘Mainly old buildings in the landscape that show its character. I love loose boards, window openings, mullions, places that show the work of men and women from the past.’

Where did you learn how to paint?
Kathie: ‘I went to art college but did not take even one painting class! My emphasis was drawing, print making and ceramics. About eleven years ago i took my first oil painting workshop and haven’t stopped painting since then!’

Is art a hobby or a career?
Kathie: ‘An absolute full-time career.’

Fun Fact?
Kathie: ‘I LOVE to mow the yard!’

Where have you exhibited your art work?
Kathie: ‘
2020 – Sugarlift Gallery in the Chelsea neighborhood of New York City
2020 – American Impressionists Society 21st Annual Juried Exhibition, St. George, Utah
2020 – The Art of the Garden Show, The Trippe Gallery, Easton, Maryland
2020 – Mockingbird Gallery, Bend Oregon
2020 – American Miniatures, Settlers West Galleries, Tucson, Arizona’

Which artist inspires you?
Kathie: ‘Veronika Lobareva.’

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