Karen Tan

by | Jan 1, 2023 | Featured Artist

Can you tell us about yourself?
Karen: I am an artist originally from Malaysia. I now live and work in Minnesota in the USA.”

When did you start painting?
Karen: “I started painting since 2018.”

What materials do you use?
Karen: “I mostly use oil on Gessoboard.”

What kind of artwork do you create?
Karen: “Still life, ginger Jar, vases, fruits and flowers.”

Did you study art?
Karen: “I take online art classes.”

Is art a career or hobby?
Karen: “It’s a career. I’m represented by a gallery in St Paul and I am contracted annually to teach at local libraries. I also run workshop from my home studio.”

Fun Fact?
Karen: “I love lifting weights and looking good and strong!”

Have you exhibited your artwork?
Karen: “I did 2 solo shows in 2021 at a local cafe and at the art gallery of Stillwater Carnegie Library. My work is represented by Frameworks Gallery in St Paul. I am also a member of Gallery 96 where we f DF I seasonal group display.”

Which artist do you admire?
Karen: “David Leffel”

Karen: “I have collectors from all over the country and they tell me stories why they bought my art. A particular collector from Virginia literally bought every pumpkin painting I’ve painted because she said each paint represent her kid which she called them pumpkin. And each kid gets a lumpy painting when they leave home. Another collector bought 9 pieces from me during Covid and she said when she was not able to see family, those paintings bring her joy. I am so glad to be able to be part of someone’s story.”

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