Kadin Goldberg

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Can you tell us a little about yourself?
Kadin: “I am from California and I travel full time and love painting all kinds of different landscapes. Almost all of my work is created on location. Because of this I feel I am able to respond to nature directly and create believable images that transplant the viewer to the scene. I believe that having this one on one interaction with the environment is important in creating a lifelike painting.

When did you start painting?
Kadin: “I started painting in 2013.”

What kind of materials do you use?
Kadin: “I use oil paints with both hog bristle brushes as well as synthetic haired brushes.  I like having some newer brushes for crisp edges but also use old gnarly brushes to create interesting organic textures. I will often use a palette knife as a way to add a variety of texture or add thicker paint in certain areas. I also use my fingers quite often to create soft edges between two value shapes.”

What subjects do you paint?
Kadin: “I really enjoy painting most subjects but I would say that snow and moving water are my favorites. I love the subtle colors that show up in the shadows of snow. Snow takes on all the surrounding colors and really shows off how light bounces between objects. I also love moving water because of how challenging it is! I love attempting to capture the movement of the water using soft edges and directional strokes. It’s hard to narrow down the subjects that I like to paint… every subject is fun in its own way!”

Did you study art?
Kadin: “I studied drawing at an Atelier called Angel Academy of Art that is located in Florence, Italy and then continued studies with artist Angela Cunningham in Marshall, NC.  After studying classical drawing methods I started studying painting on my own.  I’ve taken various painting workshops as well as learned from DVDs and books.”

Career or hobby?
Kadin: “It is my career.”

Fun Fact?
Kadin: ” used to be a professional poker player.”

Have you exhibited your artwork?
Kadin: “Yes, I travel full time and exhibit at plein air painting events across the western United States.  I’ve participated in numerous events and exhibit at each show. Some of the events I have participated in include the Borrego Spring Plein Air Invitational, The Grand Canyon Celebration of Art, Telluride Plein Air, Driggs Diggs Plein Air, Monuments and Canyons Plein Air Invitational.
In addition to the plein air painting events, I have had the honor of being the featured artist at the Colorado National Monument Visitor Center in 2019.  I’ve participated in various group shows including A. Banks Gallery’s holiday miniature show in 2018 and 2019 as well as Montana Gallery’s group show called “Yellowstone” in 2018.”

What is your painting style?
Kadin: “Creating realistic paintings using thick paint and brush strokes that imply a lot of details.”

Favourite artist?
Kadin: “So many!  Edward Harrison Compton, John Singer Sargent, Bill Anton and Michael Lynch just to name a few.”

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