Jose Luis Corella

by | Aug 28, 2022 | Featured Artist

Tell us about yourself
Jose Luis: ‘I am an artist living and working in Spain.’

When did you start making art?
Jose Luis: ‘When I was 6 years old I started painting with oil.’

What materials do you like to use?
Jose Luis: ‘All kinds of materials, techniques and tools

What subjects do you paint?
Jose Luis: ‘Everything that excites me.’

Did you study art?
Jose Luis: ‘I went to an art college.’

Is art a hobby or career?
Jose Luis: ‘It is my career, my work and my life’.

Fun Fact?
Jose Luis: ‘I like playing the violin.’

Do you exhibit your artwork?
Jose Luis: ‘Yes, here is a list of my last solo exhibitions
2015 The Pauly Friedman Art Gallery, Misericordia University, Dallas, Pennsylvania. USA.
2016 “1986-2016. 30 Anys” Sala D´Art El Quatre. Barcelona. Spain
2019 “Portraits”. National Historical Museum. Tirana, Albania
2022 “Ensayo sobre la emociones”. Sala exposiciones Palacio La Salina. Salamanca. Spain

What is your style?
Jose Luis: ‘Realism’.

Which artists inspire you?
Jose Luis: ‘Velazquez, Rembrandt and Vermeer.’

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