Jonathan Bradham

by | Jun 9, 2020 | Featured Artist | 0 comments

Can you tell us a little about yourself?
Jonathan: “I currently live in Bonney Lake, WA USA. I have been drawing from earliest childhood. I couldn’t stop creating stories and characters. I started painting in oils with my parents at around 12 years old, then also started painting in watercolor in my late teens.”

Which art materials do you enjoy using most?
Jonathat: “drawing in pencil and charcoal.  Watercolor and acrylic on paper and board. Oil on canvas, linen and panel. The type of materials and substrate I choose depend on the subject and the effect I want to create.”

What subjects do you like to paint?
Jonathan: “I love to be in nature, so most of my art is painted outdoors, alla prima, on location.  If not painted completly outdoors, then I at least start it or create a study outdoors before creating a studio painting.  I also love to paint animals and people. Plein air landscape paintings, and larger studio paintings based on plein air experience.”

Did you study art or are you self-taught?
Jonathan: “Self taught, with a few workshops.
It was a hobby, but in the last year I have launched a full time art career.”

Have you had any exhibitions?
Jonathan: “Yes, I have shown several times, most recently as guest artist and featured artist at Proctor Art Gallery in Tacoma.”

Have you had your artwork published?
Jonathan: “Yes, I have been published a few times, most memorably my art was first published when I was quite young in an American comic book – a fan art story based on Japanese anime and manga.”

Have you won any awards?
Jonathan: “Yes, I have won several awards at juried shows and competitions. Most recently I won First Place in THE STRUCTURAL ELEMENT show in December 2019 judged by Bryan Mark Taylor. This is an annual show with Plein Air Washington Artists, with a different renowned judge.”

Which artists inspire you?
Jonathan: “I have deep respect for many artists, both past and present. John Singer Sargent is a constant source of inspiration. I am amazed by the breadth of his subjects and mediums, and his virtuosity with his brushwork. I am inspired by current day artists Mark Boedges and Richard Schmid. Like Sargent, they both capture the moment perfectly, while also doing it with magical efficiency and expression.”

I have been going blind since childhood due to a condition called Keratoconus. 20 years ago, my eye doctors had exhausted all the known solutions and my eyesight had become so poor that I was on the verge of giving up my lifelong passion, drawing and painting. Luckily, I found a cutting edge eye doctor, Dr. Rotkis, in Seattle that restored my sight through cornea transplant – I am so thankful for this doctor and for the organ donors! I use this new lease on my eyesight every day to improve my craft as an artist.”

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