John Costin

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Can you tell us a little about yourself?
John: ” I am from Tampa, Florida, USA. I have been painting since 1968. I am a full time artist for over 40 years. I travel the country to study birds. Recently finished a book on Florida Birds.”

What kind of materials do you use?
John: “Copper plate etchings and watercolors. Paper, paints, pencils, copper, what ever is avaiable at the time.”

What subjects do you like to portray?
John: “Birds, their association to the environment, history, and form intrigues me.”

Did you study art?
John: “Yes, I went to college but many of the techniques I use in printmaking are self-taught.”

Have you exhibited your work?
John: “Yes, in several Museum exhibits of just my art, gallery exhibits, a large list.”

Have you had your work published?
John: “Yes, I have had a book published. The book I recently finished was a work in progress that required over 20 years to complete. It is a hand-made book with 20 life size etchings of birds, each 24″ X 34” and text describing the life histories of these birds. An edition of 150 books were created.

Which artists do you admire?
John: ” I have a huge list. From 19th century ornithologists/artists  (Audubon, Gould, Wolf, Thornburn) to contemporary artists (Joseph Cornell, Magriette, Picaba, Rauschenburg, Rothko, Abbot Thayer. etc.).

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