John Cooney

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Can you tell us a little about yourself?
John: ‘I am an artist living in Northern Ireland, Carrickfergus. I paint in watercolour and oils.’

When did you start painting?
John: ‘I think I’ve probably painted since Primary school, aged 5.  I went to art college but ended up in advertising and then teaching. I’ve only been able to paint full time in the last two years.’

What materials do you use?
John: ‘I work in both oils and watercolours but have concentrated on watercolour for the past couple of years as I want to explore all of its possibilities. When I think I’ve done that, I’ll experiment with oils.’

What subjects do you paint?
John: ‘I like to paint the people and places of Ireland, it’s where I’m from and I find narratives in people’s faces, their wrinkles and expressions all tell a story.’

What is your style of painting?
John: ‘Realism in watercolour’

Did you study art?
John: ‘I went to art college but to be honest, they didn’t really teach much about painting or drawing. It was a few years of self exploration but with very little guidance.’

Is art a hobby or a career?
John: ‘RTÉ is now my career.’

Have you exhibited your art?
John: ‘Yes, I haven’t been exhibiting very long but I exhibit at the Royal Ulster Academy every year and the annual Watercolour Society of Ireland exhibitions. I have exhibited twice at the Mall Galleries in London for the Royal Society of Portrait Painters and the Artist if the Year, exhibition where I was awarded second prize. Next year I will be exhibiting at Fabriano in Italy and the Watercolour Masters exhibition in England.

Which artists do you admire?
John: ‘Andrew Wyeth’

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