Johannes Vloothuis

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Can you tell us something about yourself? Johannes: “My name is Johannes Vloothuis and I am from Ancaster, Ontario in Canada. I love creating my own fantasy world and temporarily live in it while creating my paintings.”

What inspires you to paint?
Johannes: “Landscapes, because there are so many diverse themes. I can go my whole life without repeating one subject.”

Did you go to an art collage or are self-taught?
Johannes: “I took some workshops which didn’t do much for me so I mostly learned by reverse engineering other professionals’ artwork.

Do you have a career in art or is it a hobby?
Johannes: “I make a living as a professional artist.”

Which four colours couldn’t you do without?
Johannes: “Lamp Black, Cadmium Red Medium, Yellow Ochre Pale and Cadmium Yellow”

Which exhibitions have you exhibited in? 
Johannes: “Yes, in the Watercolor society in Mexico City, Innovative Center McMaster University Saint Petersburg, Russia
Sao Paolo and Brazil

Has your work been in any publications?
Johannes: “My artwork has been published in art magazines like the International Artist and Artists Magazine. I am also featured in dozens of educational art videos at
There is also a physical book available “Landscape Painting Essentials” at Amazon.”

Have you won any prizes or awards?
Johannes: “Yes, I won First place in the country of Mexico in watercolor and an honorary mention.

What is your specialism?
Teaching the principles of design and advanced landscape painting techniques in easy-to-understand concepts.

What is your favourite medium to use?
Johannes: “Oils”

Which artist do you admire?
Johannes: “Clyde Aspevig”

Is there anything else you would like to tell us?
Johannes: “I give the live online art classes for the world’s largest publisher of educational art materials, ArtistsNetwork. Over 18,000 artists worldwide have taken my workshops. I also gave a workshop for the Prestigious Pastel Society of America as well as several workshops in North America. Several art magazines such as, Pastel Journal, Watercolor Artist, and Artists Magazine endorse my classes.”

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