Johanne Mangi

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When did you start painting?
Johanne: “I started seriously pursuing painting in 2008 by first focusing on drawing.”

What materials do you use?
Johanne: “I LOVE my materials. My favorite subject. When I started painting I researched everything. I felt I needed to know as much about what I was using as well as how to use it! Despite that I like to experiment I tend to keep it simple with just brushes and oil paint.

My favorite brand of paint is Rembrandt Oil. It happens to be from a Dutch company Royal Talens. I have to disclose that I am an Art Ambassador for them but this came after I’d been using their product for years. It was an easy marriage. If I didn’t love the product I couldn’t do it.
My favorite brushes are Rosemary & Co. I have a Brush Pack, the Johanne Mangi Brush Selection,  that you can purchase on their website. About 10 years ago I remember trying out a few brushes. I’ve never looked back. It amazes me to have direct access to who’s making the brush.
I make some of my own supports but I use a lot of Raymar C13dp panels so that I’m not taking away from painting time. They are family run and very responsive. “

What subjects do you paint?
Johanne: “No doubt my passion centres around animals. I appreciate what painting from life provides so I use my own pack of dogs to practice on. I also enjoy the challenge of human portraits and figures. I started the Third Floor Studio with that in mind. I had been part of other groups but realized I needed to have more control over models and participants.

I wanted to create an environment that fostered exchange of ideas and growth along with camaraderie. I think I’ve accomplished that.

As a matter of fact, we’ve been having Thursday Happy Hour on Zoom to get together. The core group consists of 10 other artists.

I am too practical minded to have majored in Art since it never occurred to me back then that I could make a living let alone a career at it. So I say I am self directed. I have had the privilege to paint with masters and other accomplished painters. That definitely influences your standards. You’re always striving waaay over you head! HaHa!

Being exposed to Richard Schmid and The Putney Painters early on was a huge influence. Of course, becoming one of the Putney Painters was a big honor.

Even more so has been my good fortune to have Sherrie McGraw and David Leffel as my mentors. This came at a moment in my development as a painter that was a catalyst for a major leap in my work. Their faith in me is such that they asked me to serve on their Advisory Board for The Artists Guild/Bright Light Fine Art.”

Two fun facts about Johanne Mangi?
Johanne: ” I’m a Licensed Arborist and Master Gardener. The funny part is that I don’t necessarily want to paint that subject! My brush and palette is what I create in the garden. I love to think about combinations of not just color but textures and shapes. I encourage my friends to paint in my garden. I’ll be the one painting one of my pups amongst the flowers. One other thing is that I used to own a small horse farm and showed horses. My barn was cleaner than my house!”

Have you exhibited your artwork? 
Johanne”: Yes, I was included in a special Exhibition of Dogs “For the Love of Dogs”, with Portraits, Inc.
Oil Painters of America
National Arts Club
Most recently i was chosen for a Special Exhibition “Dog Days of Winter” at the AKC Museum of the Dog. One of only 20 artists.

Have you had any artwork published?
Johanne: “Yes, Hard to remember! Fine Art Today several times, Plein Air Magazine several times, and Southwest Art Magazine.”

Have you won any art competitions?
Johanne: “Yes, I’ve been chosen as a Finalist and Honorable Mentions in several International competitions.
Also Oil Painters of America and Local art organization awards.”

Frankly, I randomly enter my art. I’m focused on letting the work speak for itself. I tend to enter as an afterthought. just before the deadlines. When I do it seems to serve me well. It’s not what I chase after. As much as I am committed to my art career I’ve chosen not to go on a conventional route. I’ve been noticed by influential people and that has spread the word about my work. Teaching, videos and certainly social media has carved out a comfortable place for me. I try to control my schedule as best I can to leave time for creative endeavors, travel and of course, the puppies!”

What do you like about teaching art?
Johanne: “Teaching is just as important to me as painting. Richard Schmid strongly believed that we should pass on to others what we’ve learned from him. There’s no doubt that watching Sherrie’s and David’s passion for teaching has been something to emulate. My focus is always on getting artists over the obstacles that are preventing them from achieving the results they dream about. I’m not there to show off my skills at painting. I’m there to enhance theirs.”

Which artist do you admire?
Johanne: “19th Century British animal painters. Edwin Landseer, Rosa Bonheur are obvious choices but there are many others like John Emms. For contemporary painters I pay close attention to artists such as David Leffel, Sherrie McGraw and Richard Schmid. There’s always something to learn from these outstanding painters. Certainly there are many younger contemporary artists that astound me with their skill.

Every time I hear someone say “You’re so talented!” I know they mean it as a compliment but it makes me uncomfortable for a moment. It hits me the same way when someone says “It looks like a photograph!” The fact is anyone can do this if they really want to. The term “talent” scares people off. Certainly there are artists who have a special affinity for art and may likely be the ones to excel but if it comes easy some artists don’t put the real work in. The way I look at it is there will always be someone younger, prettier or richer than me. Can’t change that. I can only do the best I can. That’s why when I teach and do demonstations I relish the moments when I do something not “perfect” so I have the opportunity to show students it’s not a big deal and that you shouldn’t be afraid of these missteps. “There are no mistakes, we restate!” I think I stole this line from Rose Frantzen.

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