Jocelyn Jones

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Can you tell us something about yourself?
Jocelyn: “My name is Jocelyn Jones and I live in The Hague in Holland. I am passionate about designing and creating all kinds of art. From drawings and paintings to designing clothing and jewelery. Besides that I like to inspire people by helping them to develop their artistic confidence and skills during art classes and workshops. Up until now I have taught local people, but now we are going to inspire people on a global scale with the Dutch Art Box. I am very excited to work on this new art adventure with Jean Elliot, my mum. “

When did you start painting?
Jocelyn: “I started painting as soon as I could hold a brush. From a very young age I was surrounded by everything artistic and to this day it is still a big part of my life.”

What inspires you to paint?
Jocelyn: “All things natural. I like the patterns that nature creates. The ripples in a pond when it is raining, the zentangle like patterns in leaves and the rounded off edges of stones.”

What subjects do you like to paint and why? Jocelyn: “Subjects from nature.”

Did you go to an art college or are you self-taught?
Jocelyn: “I studied “Applied Media Communications” at the Ichthus Hogeschool in Rotterdam – Holland, Graphic Design complimented with Marketing and Public Relations.
I also attended art courses at the Graphic Lyceum in Rotterdam – Holland and the Royal Art Academy in The Hague – Holland plus the Open College of Art in England.

Do you have a career in art or is it a hobby?
Jocelyn: “Yes, I have a career in art.”

If you had to choose four colours, what would they be?
Quinacridone Magenta, Turquoise and Raw Sienna.

Have you had any interesting exhibitions or publications?
Jocelyn: “I just browsed through my computer and found some of my favourite art projects from the past few years.
– I illustrated a book called ‘Maasstraat in The Hague’, the history of an area in The Hague – Holland, that was going to be demolished.
– ‘Midnight cat’ is a children’s publication that I created.
– For the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam I created several products, like a mouse mat, a Rembrandt tie and a phone case, a Tudor collar and a  winter coat with the flowers of the artist ‘de Heem’ lining the inside.
– Me and my art kids entered an art competition of the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam and created our own version of the ‘Night watch’.
– packaging for tulips,
– Cd covers for bands and musicians,
– wall paintings
recycled art projects with collages made of colourful plastic tops and bottles.
– I have many Youtube art tutorials for kids.
– My ‘Diamonds are forever’ art project’ was published in SchoolArts Magazine.
– With the art projects that I teach my art kids we have raised money for the World Wildlife Fund.
– The Dutch astronaut André Kuipers visited our studio and came to see our Space art project that we sent to him when he was working in the Internation Space Station.
That was rather fun, revisiting all my old favourite art projects.”

What is your specialism?
Jocelyn: “Teaching children how to draw and paint.”

What medium do you use the most?
Jocelyn: “Anything that makes a mark!”

Which artists inspirer you?
Jean Elliot, Escher, Walt Disney, Rien Portvliet, and James Gurney.

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Facebook: Jocelyn Jones
Instagram: Studio Jocelyn 
Youtube: Studio Jocelyn 

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