Jesamine Totañes

by | Jul 12, 2021 | Featured Artist

Can you tell us about yourself?
Jesamine: “I am from Butuan City, Philippines and now live in Assen, The Netherlands. I am an self taught artist, I really started from a zero knowledge. I mostly learned my skills from myself. I am happy that during the time that I am really hungry to learn more about art, there was  always a workshops and short art classes available everywhere. That’s where I learn a lot. So now that I finally reached that point that i can share my skills. I want to give too. by  giving back the knowledge to those who also hungry to learn about sketching and painting. I created my YOUTUBE CHANNEL Jesamine Creates to those who wanted to start doing art. Sketching mostly. because sketching is the road for a masterpiece.”

When did you start painting?
Jesamine: “Since child, I already know that art will play a big role in my life. I draw everyday back then. But i didn’t have the chance to enhance my skills due to lack of financial support.  But as I grow old, i still manage to keep my interest in art. There’s a moment in my life that i work full time and never had time to sketch. I thought, the passion is gone. But luckily when I get a chance to travel to Europe, I had a chance to start making art again. So in short I am already involve with art since a young age but I started painting in 2008.”

What kind of materials do you use?
Jesamine: “For painting on canvas I love using acrylic and oil and for sketching/Illustration i love watercolor, ink, brushpens, gouache.”

What subject do you paint?
Jesamine: “portrait, because i love expressing the soul of the person through my painting. Urban scene ( street, vehicles, people and architectures ) in opposite of portrait. Here I can be expressive, loose and playful this is my playground and last but not the least  animals and plants, I love animals and I am a plant mommy 😉 which means I have 56 indoorplant species in my home.

Did you study art?
Jesamine: “I consider myself as a self taught. but i also followed different art classes, to learn enhance my painting and drawing skills.”

Is art a hobby or a career for you?
Jesamine: “At first it was hobby, and then became a work. Before I only paint for fun, Then I realized to put it in a next level. When I first sold my first painting wayback in 2012, I decided to create more and sell them. I gave art workshop, online and fysical. I work in art and hobby store for part time and I have been hired by different art brands to promote their art materials online.”

What do you specialise in?
Jesamin: “Urban scene with modern touch  and Portrait”

What materials do you use?
Jesamine: “acrylic, ink, watercolor and gouache”

Fun Fact?
Jesamin: “Since young, I always like to sit in the corner and grab my pen and paper and sketch. I didn’t like to be disturb when sketching, because I always talk when I sketch. I usually create my own script in my head while sketching. So thats why I also sketch fast. Honestly, every now and then I still do it ;-). That’s why when making video clip  on social media  like,  TIKTOK, Livestreaming and vlogging became popular. I didnt find it difficult to act natural in facing and talking all by myself to a camera because its what i do when I am alone ;-).”

Have you exhibited your art work?
Jesamin: “Yes, Art Fair Assen Art quake Galerie ( 2014 )
Group Exhibits with local and international artists in Amsterdam  Pintar Rapido (2015)
Solo Exhibit “Warmest Greetings”in Balloo Drenthe (2016)
Groningen Galerie Paterswolde (2017,2018,2019,2020) ,
Amsterdam NDSM (2017)
Art Event Eindoven (2016)

Which artists inspire you?
Jesamine: “Frida Khalo and Vincent van Gogh”

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