Jasper Dielemans

by | Oct 4, 2021 | Featured Artist

Tell us about yourself
Jasper: “I am an artist living and working in Azewijn, The Netherlands. I create portraits with charcoal.”

When did you start painting?
Jasper: “When I was 13 years old I first started drawing portraits, back in 2010.”

What kind of art materials do you use?
Jasper: “Mostly charcoal and graphite. I use a variety of tools within these media, from pencils to sticks, powders, sponges, brushes. Anything that helps me achieve the look I want.”

What kind of subjects do you like to create?
Jasper: “I create portraits. I do not have a particular preference. I think I judge my models based on their personality and eyes mostly. I feel like portraits are a reflection of my inner feelings, even if they are represented by another person.”

Did you study art?
Jasper: ” I did not go to art college. I studied Industrial Design at TU Delft, so next to being an artist I am a designer. I have only followed a short art course from german artist Dirk Dzimirsky in 2014. I am 99% self taught.”

Is art a career or hobby for you?
Jasper: “It is somewhere in between. I am blessed with a decent amount of commissions, which do bring in a nice side income, but it is not my main career at the moment. It might grow to become my career, perhaps.”

Fun Fact?
Jasper: “The first question people often ask when I show them my work is whether I have the patient of a monk. Well, I don’t, in fact I am not organised and structured in my process, unlike what the end result often suggests. I work fast and messy, bringing everything together in the final stages.”

Have you exhibited your art work?
Jasper: “In 2017 I was part of the Dutch National Portrait Prize’s 50 finalists. My work was exhibited in the royal palace of Soestdijk.
In 2019 I was part of a small exhibition in the municipality hall of Berkelland.
In 2020 I was featured on Dutch national TV in an episode of “Sterren op het Doek”

Which artists inspire you?
Jasper: “Big inspirations are Chris Berens, Dirk Dzimirsky, Gottfried Helnwein, De Goya, Dutch old masters.”

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