Jason Polins

by | Jun 25, 2021 | Featured Artist

Tell us about yourself
Jason: “I am an artist from Summerville in the United States of America.”

When did you start painting?
Jason: “I was around 10 when I was hooked. Fascinated by mark making, & manipulating materials. It was great to experiment and be free with the outcome!”

What art materials do you use?
Jason: “Charcoal, graphite and oil paint. I’m a rather direct painter, I use linen stretched or mounted to a panel.  I also use copper panels to paint on, or occasionally  I paint on paper too.”

What do you specialise in?
Jason: “I specialize in Realism. I find it the most fascinating pursuit as a visual artist.”

What subjects do you like to paint?
Jason: “I paint pretty much anything that caches my fancy and attention! Still life, figure, portrait, landscape, cityscape, animals, ocean scenes… you name it! I find everything fascinating.”

Art education?
Jason: “I went to Boston University, The Florence Academy of Art and I studied directly with Nelson Shanks. That being said, all art is self education. Each of us needs to experience it and judge for oneself how to endeavor to to better.”

Is art a hobby or career for you?
Jason: “This is my career.  I create art and I teach others to improve their craft and handling of materials.”

Fun Fact?
Jason: “I totally love bonsai and have been cultivating them for some time, but not in a formal manner. I like how they can go all over! I also really appreciate exercise and cooking!”

Where have you exhibited your art work?
Jason: “I’ve shown Nationally and Internationally in various galleries and events. I have participated in a few art fairs also, they have been great as well!”

Which artists inspire you?
Jason: “Velasquez, DaVinci, Monet, Menzel, Sargent, Mancini, Bunker, Soroya, Vermeer, Dinnerstein, Rockwell, The Boston School painters, Chase, Fechin, Nelson Shanks… many more too… It’s a long long list of living and passed artists.”

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